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Are you ready for a revolution?

The world today demands more.

More story that’s relevant to now. More heart-stopping action to keep the pace lightning fast. More relatable characters with the same flaws, hopes and dreams as you and perhaps, more emotion than even you can handle.

Through research and dedication, Author Jason F Boggs has lovingly crafted a powerful epic that is now becoming an international phenomenon.

Our mission at the Dragon Trilogy is to create multi-media original content that will reward its fans with iconoclastic Space Opera and fantasy at its best.


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Jason F Boggs

A left-handed introvert, Jason’s real life outside the Dragon-verse is working in hotels and absorbing all things with an interesting story. After completing two degrees, he has spent over 30 years in the hotel industry where he experiences peoples’ true natures – both good and bad, fertile ground for these stories.

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The book includes a synopsis of the first two books in the series and a description of characters for those new to the epic saga.

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New ebook


The book includes a synopsis of the first two books in the series and a description of characters for those new to the epic saga.

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5 Star

“I highly recommend “The Dragon’s Zenith” by Jason F. Boggs, and the whole trilogy to readers who enjoy science fiction novels that have fantasy elements interwoven into them….The only thing I didn’t like was that it had to end”!

P. Lovitt

Reviewer for

The Dragon’s Harvest Review

“A rip-roaring romp of a book… kept giving me this excellent blockbuster atmosphere throughout”

The Devil’s Dragon review

I liked that the The Devil’s Dragon is fast-paced and at every turn, action scenes appear. It is a page turner and a treat for any lover of science-fiction. I rate it 4/4.


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The Devil’s Dragon

interesting and original storyline with a complex political universe surrounding the protagonist.
Its definitely not your normal “the protagonist is the hero whose the best at everything” story. Nelson Jones is very much human who makes many mistakes, some comical and some just frustrating.

Well worth the read and eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Jakson Braund, GoodReads

The Dragon’s Harvest

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I read the book. It had a certain amount of intensity that a Sci-Fi fan could not disregard. There are a lot of occurrences, as well as characters that will most likely get on your nerves. But the further you read, the more soothing the turn of events will make you feel. It is downright gratifying! At one point, the events in the book will put you in high spirits. Then suddenly, you will be in a black mood. That is what makes this book one of a kind—it will make you feel all sorts of emotions… impassioned.

This was a great read! I love the book so much! I highly recommend it.

Aisha Chan, GoodReads

The Dragon’s Zenith

This is a highly recommended science-fiction novel. Why? Because it is simply epic! It all started with Botany, now being dead, and the joined forces of Nelson and Empress Alene of The Great Tribe in defeating the ‘apenui’ or the farmers with Ira Bilis and Magnus their leaders. It was a surprise for Nelson that Ira was revived from her death and now lives back her delusions as if saving all life forms in the Universe. The fight wasn’t smooth, and almost giving up, but the group found hope in the face of hopelessness. Eventually, they got some help from the Pulic people. The forces of Ira and Magnus vs. Nelson and Alene were both fighting for the upper hand. But in the end, it was the good guys who won the fight. It wasn’t a stroke of sheer luck that the great computer called ‘complex’ and Jessie Freeman’s assistance sided with Nelson’s team.

Jason Boggs really has a knack for bringing the future by playing in our wild imaginations. At some point, I can pretty much compare this to Star Wars movies or the Valerian. Not only will the readers find the actions and plot entertaining, but also the moral dilemmas on the side of Nelson’s perspectives. Honestly, I have a tremendous feeling that this trilogy will be up on the big screens soon.

I am looking forward to it. All the best!

Tristan Cameron, GoodReads

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