Primarily to entertain with iconoclastic space opera of course! But to extrapolate:

As I trudge across this causal plane I yield to the inevitable, that remnants can only exist in the absence of something that was once much more – TDD was originally even more grandiose, hence the amendment to a trilogy.
The walls that keep me here are only paper and courage hands me a pen, with it I stab, but instead of tearing, writing appears, characters and a story that explores my latent misanthropy.

When reality is unbearable, we can only escape by any means, like rats instinctively jumping a burning ship, one fate offering no better outcome than the other, but we delay the inevitability of our own destruction by delusion. What fiction do we invent? The notion of hope, that we are somehow redeemable. Even I have played along with this; Happy endings do happen in life, but rarely. But, these are the “inspiring” and “powerful” stories that the media machine feeds us as it feels good to have faith in a positive outcome against the odds; does the psychology of art influence life? Only for a couple of hours in a movie theater, then we revert back to our ways because we know that to lead a virtuous existence is unrealistic in the 20’s. But is it? Nelson makes that choice and pays for it…by being treated like garbage and getting beat up;

But will he ultimately prevail? So many stories unashamedly lie to us by lacing dreams with morality, so that we may fantasize about what could be instead of dwelling on what is, and shirk the morose truth – the death of hope.

Choices. Like Nelson’s, our choices define us everyday, not just the big ones.

At least a novel that bears one’s soul is honest, it is from a place unrestrained and untainted by the manure that we are fed via all kinds of screens. That’s kind of why I do it, but also to experience the kind of story that I would queue up to see as a movie (provided that the soundtrack is kick-ass); so, pure self indulgence is definitely a part of it. Book two in particular is intentionally “OTT” for that reason, its all me just letting go and not holding back on the movie that I always wanted to see. I’m hoping that you’ll love it too !

I don’t have a favorite overall as I love all three parts of the whole. Which one did you like the best?

Written by : RooSho

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